Why bother lining the inside wall of your stable?

Stabling horses can be challenging especially if you have an animal prone to kicking out. 

Well-built field shelters and stables should have the inside of the walls lined with a sheet of timber to protect the fabric of the building being damaged should the horse give it a kick.  It also helps to prevent the horse from hurting itself should his foot shatter the timber.  The lining timber is more flexible and less brittle than the timber used on the exterior. 

Some horses are more prone to kicking than others when shut in their stable.  Apart from not wanting them to put a hole in the building, you may be concerned about the concussive effect repeated kicking could have on the horse’s leg.  A brilliant solution can be to line the walls with rubber stable matting.  The rubber helps to absorb the kick and is also a good way to reduce the noise which can be annoying, especially at night.  The matting is incredibly strong making it virtually indestructible.  Bear in mind that good quality rubber matting is very heavy so do check the framework of your building is robust enough to take the weight before committing to buy.

Rubber matting should be screwed into the side walls as repeated kicking could cause nails to work loose and become a safety hazard.

Another benefit of walls lined with rubber mats is for reasons of hygiene.  If you have a horse that is very messy in his stable, the rubber is easy to disinfect and wash down. 

It is very important to keep foaling boxes super-clean.  Again, a rubber-lined wall will be of great benefit.

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