Your perfect stable block

Although we offer standard stable sizes, we understand that your land and your horses needs may not always be standard. Perhaps planning permission dictates that your building is to be a certain size, or you need office space adjoined to the stables; we can provide a package that suits you. Our comprehensive range of optional extras can provide a wide scope for customisation, however if you require more, we can incorporate that into the design. A stable can be designed around more than just horses; alpacas, goats, llamas or other livestock can be catered for.



The Process


Site visit

To begin with it is best for us to visit your property and understand the site. This is to get an overall idea on the position, size and orientation of the building, but most importantly to meet you. We can advise on which of our buildings will work for you and talk through what you will need.


Once the size and number of stables has been agreed, we will provide a drawing to show the configuration of the stable block. This will enable you to see the layout, but more importantly if there is a particular element on the design that needs to be changed, it can be altered. This could be window placement, door placement or movement of a partition wall. From this we can then provide the necessary plans to send onto your groundworker, so they can construct the base. 


Once the base has been checked we begin the manufacture of the building. This happens at our workshop in Horam, East Sussex. Our experienced team can create the building to a high standard, with fantastic finishing touches, such as gallows brackets, chamfered posts and heavy-duty doors.


An install date is confirmed with the customer, and the manufactured building is delivered along with one of our install teams. The wall panels are erected first, followed by the roof. The length of time this takes is purely dependant on the size and nature of the building. Kickboards are installed, followed by doors and guttering. 


floor planWeb


The building in progress