Sally’s Guide to Loving your horse even more for Valentine’s Day!

Would you like to make Valentine’s Day extra special for your horse? 

Here are 10 ideas for a bit of extra pampering:-

  1. Catching him with a fresh apple or carrot
  2. When you put his headcollar on, gently ease out his long eyelashes so they don’t get caught (it can’t feel nice when they’re stuck under the headcollar!)
  3. Give his coat a thorough brush. Start with a curry comb to remove any mud, but ensure you are gentle.  Move onto a dandy brush followed by a body brush.  Pay special attention to areas the rug straps sit as longer fur can become matted and itchy. 
  4. Using a spray-on conditioning product, brush out his mane and tail until it is silky and tangle free.
  5. Trim his tail using a sharp pair of scissors. Take care not to make it too short though!  It should sit 10-12cm below the hocks.
  6. neaten your horse’s mane but aren’t keen to pull it (this can sometimes hurt the horse), a mane comb with a blade could be a good solution.
  7. If your horse is living out, he may be muddy. Use a hose with a spray nozzle to wash his feet and legs.  If your horse isn’t used to being washed, start the hose away from him and gradually work towards his hoof.  Once he is confident you can give his hooves and legs a good clean.  Take the opportunity to check for feather mites and mud fever.
  1. Once your horse is clean, pamper him with a relaxing   You can either buy a prepared oil or make your own
  2. Now your horse is thoroughly relaxed, give him a long cuddle, tell him how much you love him
  3. Finally let him roam free with his pals!


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