November Special Offers on Sheds and Summerhouses

Royston Apex ShedPortofino Superior SummerhouseNotton Shed

We have a fantastic offer on many of our sheds and summerhouses this November with free upgrades on most of our models. Further to this we have 10% off of six garden rooms in our Superior Summerhouse range.

Free upgrades


Heavy Duty Floor

Do you need to store heavy items in your shed? Perhaps you have boxes of stock for your business that need to be kept dry, but weigh too much for a conventional shed floor. Or you may have a heavy, professional grade roller lawnmower that you would not want falling through your shed floor.

The heavy duty floor upgrades the tongue and groove floor boards from 12mm up to 20mm which provides greater strength and longevity to your shed or summerhouses. This can net you a saving of £250 on selected models!

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is ideal when safety is a concern. That’s why you can find it as standard on models such as the Acapulco with its full height glazing, to ensure safety for all users of your garden – big or small! On most models toughened glass is an optional upgrade, which can cost over £450 in some cases. Do you have kids or grand-children who like to play ball in the garden? If so this is a perfect free upgrade for your shed or summerhouse.


10% Off

Although Autumn is upon us, and summer seems so far away; the prospect of purchasing a summerhouse may be furthest thing from your mind. However many of our customers find that it takes a while to settle into their new garden room. For example: sourcing the perfect piece of furniture can take months for delivery. Perhaps you may want to organise electrical power for your summerhouse, and you electrician may be booked until the spring. With Christmas fast approaching, a Summerhouse might make excellent storage for all those presents you have (yet) to buy.

With the 10% off offer, it is just one more reason to consider a Summerhouse this Autumn – save up to £796! And have your dream garden room ready for next spring.

10% off applies to the following models


Free toughened glass and heavy duty floor upgrades available on the following models

Summerhouses Summerhouses Sheds Sheds
Algarve Henley Ultra Suntrap
Lugano Wentworth Royston Apex Potter
Valencia Kingstone Notton Pent Cawthorne
Helmsley Richmond Barn Security Apex & Pent
Monte Carlo Askern Clayton Supreme
Bowness Acapulco Apent Premier Pent
Copeland Vittoria
Dovedale Palermo
Wingroves Milan
Riviera Sorrento


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