New Winter Log Cabin Extras

If you’re considering a log cabin or home office for this winter, we are proud to now offer a few new upgrades. These two upgrades will turn your garden room into a cosy snug, perfect for those winter evenings.

1. Enviromat Living Roof


Bring your garden building to life with a living roof from Enviromat. Not only does this provide even greater insulation but provides a haven for wildlife such as bees and butterflies. With a mixture of different grasses and flowers, the Enviromat roofing will make your Home Office blend in with its natural surroundings. The great thing about Enviromat is it arrives with at least 95% plant coverage, which means it looks great from the day it arrives. The thickness of Enviromat means that it absorbs sound, allowing you to enjoy whatever you are doing in peace and quiet. We use the experienced Enviromat roof install team, to ensure a smooth, hassle-free construction.

This cannot be fitted retroactively, so please just let us know if you you would like to add this in the future. Currently it’s only available on the Home Office – but watch this space as we are working on fitting it to our Log Cabins.




2. Heat Solutions Clearview Stovespioneer-400-large

Sitting around a fire is always comforting. Not only is it a tradition, but it was a necessity. It provided our ancestors with light, heat and a place to gather with family. Just the sight and sound of a fire is relaxing and can lower blood pressure. A log cabin evokes ideas of warming oneself up after coming in from a cold winter’s night, so a log burning fire seemed like a perfect fit for our log cabins. A traditional fireplace however did not quite seem like the right fit, so we contacted local company¬†Heat Solutions. They had a fantastic range of stoves with models featuring different aesthetics, so there is something to suit every log cabin.

As with the Enviromat, this upgrade cannot be fitted retroactively, as the building needs to be constructed from scratch to comply with safety regulations. This is available only on twin-skin log cabins – which offer the greatest insulation.

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