NFF’s Mobile stables and field shelters come complete with either timber or steel skids.  To help you to decide which is best for your needs you may wish to consider the following.  Both are fit for purpose.

Timber skids are made from treated timber and have a life expectancy of circa 8 years.  If they are sited on the consistently wet ground, they wouldn’t last so long.   The timber skids are favoured for use on hard standing and for buildings that are not regularly moved as they don’t glide as well as steel.

Our steel skids are designed and manufactured in-house from heavy grade, galvanised steel.  They are fitted with substantial welded brackets and strong bolts to ensure longevity.  They have a life expectancy of circa 35 years and slide more easily across the ground than the timber skids.

At NFF, we pride ourselves on producing robust buildings at fair price


A note of caution…

 When you are comparing our mobile buildings with others, be sure to check the quality of the skids.  The fixings onto the building needs to be substantial enough to cope with the weight.  You don’t want it to pull out and compromise the towing facility.  Remember that painted skids will chip and rust in time.