Want to bed up your mobile field shelter?

Lay some rubber grass mats on the ground and top them with rubber stable mats. This enable you to bed-up using your chosen horse bedding material. When you move your shelter, the mats can be lifted and moved easily too. See prices below.

These mats are heavy! Our friendly staff will help put the mats in your vehicle.

Rubber Grass Mats – £26.50 each including VAT

  • 1 m x 1.5 m and 23 mm thick
  • Allows grass to grow through them
  • Can sow grass seed over the top
  • Weather and temperature resistant
  • Help prevent muddy gateways
  • Can be mown over with a conventional mower to keep grass down
  • They can be laid on flat or contoured areas as they are flexible
  • Fix together with cable ties
  • Perfect for gateways and other high use areas
  • Multifunctional

Rubber grass mats are great for gateways and other high use areas.  Helps prevent the ground being ‘poached’ during periods of bad weather. This opening between fields
is a good example of where installing Rubber Grass Mats will help preserve the ground. The design of the mats allows for the grass to grow up through so that the mats become unnoticeable.

Rubber Grass Mats

Rubber Stable Mats – £48.00 each Including VAT

  • 1.2m x 1.8m and 17mm thick
  • Anti-slip bubble top
  • Grooved bottom to allow good drainage
  • Non absorbent so easy to clean
  • Tough and durable

Rubber stable mats provide a safe floor in your stables and therefore help to prevent injury. They are especially ideal for box resting horses as they help to reduce fatigue and strain on the joints and tendons. Rubber mats also reduce the amount of bedding needed, therefore reduce costs and mucking out time. With the reduced bedding costs the mats pay for themselves very quickly.

Rubber Stable Mats