Horse in a Field Shelter

Q. Do mobile field shelters really not require any planning permission?
A. We recommend you check with your local Council prior to purchasing to be sure this applies in your local area – some Councils have specific guidelines that will need to be met but most will often allow them. Generally speaking though as long as the field shelter remains mobile, without any amenities (ie mains electric or water) and is regularly moved it will not need planning permission. 

Q. Which way round should I site the mobile field shelter?
A. Ideally you would place your mobile field shelter with the back to the prevailing wind. 

Q. How many openings should my towable field shelter have?
A. If you are using it for more than one horse, it is recommended you have two openings. This allows the less dominant horse to escape if necessary.

Q. How do I tow my mobile field shelter?
A. Easily. It comes complete with a specially designed tow-kit which links to a 4×4 or a tractor depending upon the size of your shelter. click here

Q. Can I put a door on my towable field shelter?
A. Yes, you can purchase gates or a stable conversion kit from us directly.

Q. Will it harm my horse if it chews the wood?
A. No. The timber is treated with a waterborne product based on organic biodegradable biocides, commonly used to protect the crops we eat every day.

Q. How do I encourage my horse to go into my mobile field shelter?
A. Hang a hay net inside and place your horse’s feed in there daily. He/she will soon get used to going in.

Q. Can I come and view demo Mobile Field Shelters and Stables?
A. Of course, we are located in Horam, East Sussex. Please see our opening hours here.

Q. Can you make bespoke Timber Buildings and Mobile Field Shelters?
A. Yes please give our sales office a call number here.

For any enquiries telephone 01435 813 535, email or click here to fill in a contact form